If you’re a fan of platformersand you’re looking for something unique and beautiful that is a little less mainstream, then KNYTT Underground (developed by Nicklas Nygren) might be the game you need. With so many games coming out all the time, it is easy to miss one of the best Indie games available.

The KNYTT series has recieved high praise and this installment is no different. Underground won the Editor’s Choice Award from PSN Stores in 2012. This witty and wonderful adventure is a great addition to your collection and is available on most platforms.

With fourth wall breaking dialogue and cut scenes, plus amusing asides about the pointless nature of video game questing, KNYTT brings a sense of humor to the table that is missing from most platform games. Irreverence at the end of the world makes it all the more fun. The intuitive level design seems to know players so well it can predict most choices before you ever make them. Optional, non-linear gameplay adds an alluring aspect of chaos. The developer even appears as an NPC in game to help with the break from tradition, contributing his own wry comments for fun.

The Story

Mi Sprocket has a problem. She cannot speak, and is often misunderstood. If that was not challenge enough, she is from a family tasked with saving the world every 600 years. Because of her inability to communicate in the usual way, Mi finds herself unwillingly thrust into the task. Like it or not, she must Ring the Six Bells of Fate to prevent the destruction of her world. Though she had only intended to travel to Fairy Springs to wish for a voice, impending doom and family duties have a way of side tracking an unwary protagonist. So, against her will, Mi becomes the hero.

Every ‘hero,’ needs companions and Mi is no different. Dora, the sun fairy and Cilia, the moon fairy opt to accompany the unfortunate sprite. The two very different fairies will ‘helpfully’ speak for Mi when she encounters others. The choices she makes between the two effect her side quests.


Able to scale tall walls in a single climb, Mi possesses some unique talents. She can fall from anything and, provided she doesn’t land in a pool of lava or acid, she walks away unharmed every time. Her ball form helps her bounce her way through the post-apocalyptic underground that lends it’s name to the game. With her powerups and abilities Mi will run, swing, jump, fly and bounce through her subterranean homeland. You can unlock the many achievements available as you problem solve your way out of a plethora of problems.

NPCs occasionally join Mi for a while in addition to her constant fairy companions. These fellow travelers help with the side quests along the way. They, like the fairies, can effect the quests she is offered and the outcome of the game.

Unlike many games, the antagonist enemies are limited to robots with set patterns of behavior. In this world there are no longer any humans, though evidence that they once existed is everywhere. Be prepared to solve problems and hurdle obstacles more than fighting enemies and conquering boss battles as you might in a typical platform game.

With over 1300 rooms to play through, the game is extensive enough to satisfy any player. Additionally, the numerous secret levels exist to be found in the vast underground world.

How you play and which quests you take Mi through will change the outcome. There are multiple potential endings and many paths to get there which contributes to the replay value substantially.

For those who enjoy a good (post)apocalypse, without the usual zombies and mutants to battle, this delightful and different game will help you scratch that itch. Even if you aren’t seeking a 2D platform game or a future where mankind is passe, there is alot to enjoy in KNYTT Underground. From the dazzling background art to the tounge in cheek storyline, this game really is a hidden treasure.

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